Why “Fresh” Content Is Key To Successful SEO In Jacksonville And Beyond

It’s a constant refrain in the world of Jacksonville internet marketing and throughout the online content industry, “keep it fresh”. Once upon a time, creating a well-designed, solidly built, SEO optimized website was all it took to virtually assure solid rankings. Today however, and especially in light of Google’s recent Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates to its search algorithms, the value of frequently updated website content has never been higher. A website can no longer succeed from a marketing standpoint following the “build it and forget it” model. The focus has truly begun to shift from optimized static content, to constantly updated, topical and informative writing that puts quality first.

online contentThe short answer is that search engines reward websites that frequently update their content by boosting their rankings. Search engines strive to deliver users the best possible results for their queries. This is done in a number of ways, but one assumption that search engines like Google make is that users will be more interested in up-to-date and more importantly, relevant information. By assigning a “frequency” rating to every website based on how often it is updated, search engines can determine if a site is likely to have new information that users will find valuable. This rating of update frequency is also called a “freshness factor” and maintaining a high freshness factor should be a priority for anyone focused on SEO in Jacksonville.

The Power Of Blogs

So, how do you ensure your website is viewed as current and fresh by the search engines? One easy solution is creating and maintaining a frequently updated blog. Blogging offers a number of advantages, both in drawing readership and its ease of implementation. A blog allows you to remain engaged with your current readers while offering regular opportunities for new readers to discover your website. By regularly sharing useful and relevant information, you not only provide the search engines with new content to crawl and index, but you give readers a reason to return to your site.

As we’ve discussed however, the key to Jacksonville internet marketing using a blog is regular and frequent updates. Create a blogging schedule and abide by it. Constantly think about new topics that would interest your readers. If there is a new hot issue in your industry, write a blog about it. If you’ve launched a new product or site feature, write a blog about it. If you have unique tips or insight on a topic, write a blog about it. Take time to think about the type of information you yourself are searching for online and there’s a good chance potential readers are seeking out the same things. Keep your blog fresh and you’ll keep your readers, and the search engines, coming back for more.