Search Engine Marketing

90% of people searching online only look at the first page of results on their searches. It's more important than ever to have a presence there. Whether your already listed on page one, or you have yet to hit that mark our search engine marketing services are here to help. Check out our services below to learn more:

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Social Media

Social Media has, in a very short time, become one of the most important aspects of any consumer business. If you aren't connecting with your customers, then the customers aren't connecting with you on a personal level. That personal connection is needed in today's business to retain customer loyalty, keep your customers abreast of company news, showcase your services, or provide dedicated support. Sign up for a social network and let us help you get started below:

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Content Writing

In order to have great content on your site it has to serve two purposes. First, it has to be informative and well organized. If it's not informative and positioned correctly on the page then your customers simply won't read it. Second, it has to be formatted correctly for search engines to read well. If it doesn't have the right content for search engines to quickly tell what the text is about, you won't be seen because people simply won't find you to read the content.

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Client Portal

SearchXcel prides itself on it's transparency. That's why we use our client portal to record all activity on any of our marketing plans. In addition to finding daily activity you will also find your detailed analytics and search engine ranking reports all together in one easy to navigate system.

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Why your next SEO company should be SearchXcel

At SearchXcel we try to take the complication out of SEO. We speak english instead of the complex jargon that most Search Engine Optimization companies are known for. If you ever have a question about a term or what we are doing for you, just ask us and we'll tell you exactly what it is and how it helps your optimization efforts. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the most transparent SEO company on the web today with our Activity Portal that details every step we take to get you optimal results on Google and other search engines. Every service we offer from SEO to Social Media to Copywriting is all geared towards making your company as succesful as possible and showing you right where your money is being spent.


We Have Nothing to Hide

With SearchXcel you can see every step we take on the way in real time. Each task that is assigned to our team is meticulously detailed in our Activity Portal. This activity portal not only contains your analytics and ranking reports, but meticulous cataloguing of any submission made to directories, PR sites, article sites, or social bookmarking sites so you can see where your site is linked and what good each link did to enhance your SEO. All activity is recorded. Most SEO companies try to hide bad results around techno babble and jargon, wouldn't you like to deal with a company that has nothing to hide?

What Our Clients Are Saying About SearchXcel

I am so grateful I found SearchXcel. They have brought new patients and new growth to my practice that I might never have enjoyed without their fantastic help...I highly recommend them.

Espaillat Eye & Laser Institute

I am consistently impressed at the level of dedication & commitment the SearchXcel team puts into each and every project. This level of accountability is hard to find today.

SEO Content Solutions

In a few short months, I was getting on page one of Google, the telephone began to ring, the emails began to fill up, and the new cases flowed in. My Search Engine Optimization (SEO) investment with SearchXcel has paid off tremendously.

Badgley Law Group

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